Portal - Steven Wayne
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This image was created in honor of Ronnie Hugh Noe, of Hernando,MS. Ronnie passed away on March 21,2015 at the age of 48, battling cancer. At the time of his passing he was the Assistant Police Chief of the Police Department in Walls,MS.

I became friends with Ronnie and his wife In 2013. After he found out I was a landscape photographer and seeing my pictures, Ronnie told me about a few locations that he thought I should photograph. Ronnie was an incredible person who always helped and thought of others. After his funeral I was mourning the loss of my friend and I was on my way to photograph a location that he told me about, this tree was as close to the location as I could get before nightfall. Over the course of two years I would occasionally edit this image, one day after working on one of my other series the idea of creating the portal next to this tree came to mind, it felt appropriate since I photographed it after his funeral. To me the tree represents him and the portal a passage to another place.